Havens Graanhandel NV

Complete Feed Factory automation PLC/HMI/SCADA/MES

Hans Graat, Plant manager at Havens Graanhandel: 

"There has been intensive cooperation with Havens since the start of the Brainpact company in 1995. In the field of automation, we regularly consult with a view to achieving a tailor-made solution. Placing high demands on our processes and products is also of great importance, with Brainpact we have a partner that we can rely on. "

Brainpact has been the automation company for HAVENS since 1998 and has developed complete control of the factory (PLC), user (web) interface and links to the office environment using MIXAS, our modular MES concept. Using truck recognition (AVI), the transport link in the automation has also been integrated for even further improvement of quality and efficiency.

The automations realized by BRAINPACT include all layers of production. For example, the hammer mills, the pellet presses, pre-compactors, mixers, mixers and all product transport devices are controlled by the BRAINPACT automations. All machines that use recipes or product-dependent settings are provided with the correct information by MIXAS. Through the complete link with the ERP system from HAVENS, orders entered in the ERP system can be directly produced at the factory. MIXAS takes care of this link and connects all data about recipes, orders and customer-specific requirements so that each order can be produced according to the wishes of the customer. MIXAS naturally takes care of Tracking and Tracing in accordance with the GMP + and HACCP standards and also monitors the stocks.

Truck recognition
To bring down waiting times and transport movements to a minimum, the trucks are equipped with a unique system where all information for the driver is available on a tablet. The driver is instructed via the tablet about the products to be loaded and can thus communicate quickly with the forwarding employees. By using Automatic Vehicle Identification, weighing the trucks is simple, quick and can be carried out by the driver himself.
Through the live link with the navigation system of the trucks MIXAS knows where the trucks are located and this information can be used for planning and instructions to the drivers.

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