About us

Brainpact wants to optimise the industry to the maximum with software! 

We have been enhancing company productivity through automation, innovation and process optimisation since 1995. Brainpact understands the technological possibilities, and uses this knowledge to , obtain the maximum results in practice. We translate automation technology, control, optimisation, cost reduction and efficiency improvement issues into concrete automation solutions. We always tailor our solutions to the client’s situation, enabling us to achieve the best results.

Our working method is transparent and our solutions are never more complex than necessary. We deliver practical and effective business automation for clients across the world: from industrial production companies to logistics service providers. We also receive commissions from various installation companies and machine manufacturers.

Our engineers are experts in control technology and MES systems. They stand for quality, reliability and effectiveness and safeguard your company’s automation process: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Since 2019, Brainpact has been part of Unica Industry Solutions. As a trendsetter in sustainable innovations and an all-round technical service provider, Unica solves technological issues in the built environment. With a decisive network of nine leading business clusters and almost 3,700 employees, Unica is one of the largest technical service providers in the Netherlands.

Brainpact therefore has the ambition to become the main industrial automation company from South-East Netherlands by partnership and good employment practices.

Our services


System design


Machine and Proces control systems


Control and visualisation


Production control systems