Integral Control Biogascentrale EcoFuels

Twan Geraedts, manager at Ecofuels: 

"Brainpact has been the company responsible for the industrial automation and control of the installations since the Ecofuels was founded in 2006. Started with the first control design up to and including the current status of the plant, with more than 16,000 MWh green electricity and almost 3,000,000 m3 of green gas per year is produced The installations are controlled 100% automatically with the software of Brainpact for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Any malfunctions or adjustments are expertly handled with the entire Brainpact team, If necessary, including management, make every effort to have the installations perform and produce as efficiently as possible 24/7. Ecofuels is convinced that Brainpact is also the right partner in the future, in which the transition from fossil to green becomes increasingly important and necessary, to make this process successfully." 

Ecofuels produces 100% green energy from biomass. To control the thermophilic fermentation process of this 100% green power plant, Brainpact developed the software for all installations and processes: An advanced control system for intake of raw materials, feeding program for the anaerobic fermentation process, water purification (MBR) and sludge separation. Complete control system with application of the MES concept Mixas, developed by us, with which the links to ERP have been established.


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