New development project Controlling DC Scherpenhuizen: im / export, packing, storage and transhipment and distribution of fresh fruit and vegetables

For the distribution center with a floor area of ​​40,000 square meters, Brainpact realized the electrical design with subsequent control of all machines and processes, as well as the link to the ERP system.

The machines are controlled from three switch boxes by means of a few PLCs with the possibility of remote monitoring. The control system comprises the supply of empty and removal of full containers to the packaging lines from where they are transported to palletizers with stackers and elevators. For the management of the business processes, the link with the ERP was realized through the application of our MES concept Mixas. Our system ensures, among other things, that order files and orders from Scherpenhuizen's ERP system are forwarded to the PLC system. The production environment is linked to the office through the interface with ERP and PLC systems. For Scherpenhuizen, this is a crucial link in business automation and an important key to success. In addition to quality improvement and efficiency advantage, insight into KPIs is possible and therefore better control of the entire process.

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