Green Yard Prepared

Several installations at Green Yard Prepared

Paul Jacobs, Senior Project Manager Greenyard prepared: "Over the past years, we have carried out various projects together with Brainpact and we have always received good and expert support and advice on the problems and questions that arise during a project.
Brainpact applies a good project-based approach. The final result of the projects is therefore good.

Furthermore, we also use the service of Brainpact 24/7, we experience a short response time and professional support from the employees.

For Greenyard Prepared we made, among other things, a tracking and registration system to keep track of where mushrooms are in the production line. This makes it possible to link data collected during production to the original pallet data. A better tracking and tracing of the mushrooms also offers more insight into the quality of the mushrooms and their processing.

Mixas is the key to the storage of data. Coupled with the ERP system and Scada system WinCC."

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